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een world championships in

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nd South Korea to break off the wrist, but we have no progress.You not to advance is to go back, no change of now already reduced to Asia third-tier Chinese football level, facing to participate in the Asian cup any opponent didn't win confidence.But this is reality, for perrin and national soccer team, the road ahead is full of thorns, for every football people, true to your move!The world indoor championships in sopot, become Campbell - brown back after the first major event.Campbell said: "in 2013, I lost a lot of opportunities, especially unable to attend WeiMianZhan opportunities outside world championships. However, I survived."To the world indoor championships, Campbell's goal is after 2010 and 2012, the third consecutive win the title.Campbell will compete at the women's 60 m, rather than competing including her compatriots Fraser, Fraser in 2013, Moscow has been world championships in women's 100 meters, 200 and 4 x100 relay three gold MEDALS, was elected the iaaf female athlete of the year.Fraser attend indoors 60 meters, for the first time she said: "I've never taken part in indoor world championships, also have never taken part in the g new balance 1500 shoes ames, so I would like to attend the two events, let oneself more strong. Now I only hope to 60 meters than in sopot, see what kind of level, what the hell am I in a hope to be able to run a personal best."Campbell and Fraser rearranged Jamaica relay women is undoubtedly relay project title favourites, they are expected to record.About a few days ago the United States central intelligence agency (CIA) monitoring of investigating their members of the senate intelligence committee reported that the CIA is investigating its employees if there were any irregularities.The United States senate intelligence committee chairman fan ince admitted, at present, the CIA's inspector general is on the senate intelligence committee investigation abuse the CIA detention and interrogation program events in the investigation.Familiar with the investigation of anonymity, officials said the cia charges including whether its employees to the improper monitoring of senate investigators, and may be secretly visited they are using a computer.Earlier, us media reported that when the congressional investigation 



into cia, the cia to allow the senate investigators at its headquarters in a secure room, use the computer access to millions of previously unreleased files that the bush-era cia investigating the use of torture and torture.And monitoring the computer by the cia, violated with the agreement of the senate intelligence committee.The cia declined to comment.And the U.S. department of justice is neither admitted nor denied the cia inspector general had mentioned the charges to the justice department.In sopot, Poland of the iaaf world indoor championships, although Zhang Peimeng and add two air Su Bing in 60 m the most attention, but the strength of the two existing was not enough to make sure that you can stand on the podium, while China's 14 who is most likely to hang the medal list in your chest?According to the power and state together, men's long jump athletes Li Jinzhe and woman shot-putter  most likely.Li Jinzhe since the 2009 world championships in Berlin has appeared in the international arena, career a few years ago due to lack of absolute strength is slightly missed the doha and two-time world indoor championships in Istanbul.But after the Olympic Games    new balance 373 mens from London, the strength of the Li Jinzhe on a new step.Last year he three times throughout the year over 8 m more than 30 achievements, two of them are the iaaf's high level of competition.Last year's winter training, field tube center for Li Jinzhe had been hired to take of Powell (men's long jump record holder) of well-known American teacher huntington "escort" for it.It can be said that the next few years the world series, Li Jinzhe will meet bianconeri impact MEDALS Chinese track and field sports.But at the moment, is the biggest opponent Li Jinzhe Moscow world championships last year to 8.56 m long jump gold medalist Russia's door.Held in Birmingham, UK in February 15, the iaaf indoors, two people once again.Li Jinzhe runner-u


p by 8.12 meters, the door he Li Jinzhe pressure 2 cm, comprehensive strength is still above the Li Jinzhe.Li Jinzhe repeatedly said in an interview, I hope to beat the world championships in indoor themselves beyond the enemy.Female athletes, the experience of shot put hand  result is stable in the world's top three.World championships and the London Olympic Games in Moscow, which the world athletics championships in Berlin, have won the bronze medal, but the interior world championships she was "a piece of blank paper."Indoor world championships in doha, Qatar in 2010 ranked eighth  with only 18.64 meters. medal, by contrast, the difficulty will only bigger than Li Jinzhe.The women's shot put, New Zealand's willy Adams almost invincible, German varney Bates, American power and carter  evenly matched.Whether the podium, I want to watch face  status and technical stability.Besides Li Jinzhe and , men's pole vault athletes Xue Changrui, Yang Yancheng, men's high jump athletes deng and wang yu is not without the possibility of the podium.Only the international high level of the men's vault and the high jump athletes, grades are in peak.Men's vault project with strength leaped over 5.80 meters, high jump project has leaped over 2 m a grasp a handful 30 players.This would require the Chinese boys in your game this level of play, take out personal best opportunity.The us and Russia on Ukraine nuclear see-saw, the pentagon announced 5 the reinforcements fighter, intensify the Baltic sea air defense, and   new balance 574 sale plans to increase troops in Poland for military tasks.The us defence secretary, hagel announced the decision at a congressional hearing.Later, a pentagon official report detailing the us the latest developments in the Baltic sea region.A decade ago, according to pentagon official said, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other 15 NATO members took turns from aircraft in the Baltic sea air scouts, to guard period from January to April this year, U.S. troops there had 4 F - 15 fighters to participate in the scouts.Along 

to have you thought about

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of the game, have you ever thought you refuse?Refused to...Want to have you thought about work?As a Chinese coach I also can't refuseWith rising labor costs, unit of choose and employ persons hope that by reducing the employee paid vacation time to reduce the cost, are reluctant to take the initiative to implement the paid vacation become   new balance 373 cheap    a public holiday in the face of a "dashan" again.It is understood that the worker of annual vacation with pay ordinance stipulates that legal annual leave unit must give the worker.However, due to the relatively broad, in violation of the cost is low, many places not implemented."I have an idea, paid vacation rate can like GDP, CPI and other data, every year in his government work report reflected? How many, such as one year to carry out the next year's target rate is how much, how much need to improve."Mr. CAI said that the atmosphere of society need to develop paid vacation, government work report could become a leading the fashion of the pointer.Many representatives suggested, should include the implementation of paid vacation in appraisal system.Across the industry and commerce, taxation and the small business administration departments such as joint law enforcement, the holiday of labor units to carry out the investigation and tracking, punishment does not implement the vacation project unit, and shall be reflected in terms of loans, tax.In addition, the laborers class-action lawsuit rights granted, if companies refuse to arrange laborer to paid vacation, laborer can not only separate lawsuit, also can bring a class action lawsuit.As director of state general administration of sports equipment center Ma Jilong also focus on the Chinese Olympic committee work while in office, he brings a more mature proposal this year is the home of hope that the Olympic Games China should carry more connotation, sports should play the role as a platform for public diplomacy is more big.Starting from the vancouver winter Olympics, the Chinese Olympic committee in the Olympic Games host city "the home of China", it also become the 


output are good platform for communication and Chinese culture.Ma Jilong said: "sports event's influence is huge, is not only the Olympic Games and the Asian games gold medal, is also the cultural exchanges between the good platform. Vancouver (winter) to China's home, the home of London (the Olympics) of China is more successful, sochi (winter) has, the Chinese Olympic committee set up the platform to welcome other ministries to attend, let Chinese culture through the platform go out and play a more important influence. We teamed up with the ministry of culture and tourism, the home of China's promotion of Chinese calligraphy, promote China's tourism, echo is very good. This platform can affect people's is our usual level of social work is very difficult to meet, especially the government officials in host country, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the elite after the home of come to China, to know more about China. My proposal is to build the platform to achieve more value, not sports plays the traditional concept of act in an opera in economy and trade, but carrying more rich connotation, better promote themselves at the same time, enhance the brand influence."Communicate with other industries CPPCC member at the meeting, the outsider Ma Jilong new balance 1500 womens   found the cognition of sports also had the new change, he said: "everyone is interested in gold and star still, but more and more people hope to get diversified sports service is put forward, such requirements are pretty good. The different levels and the demand of people is different, our sports services to further refinement, service is not free, refined service at the same time also to refine the market."Former us secretary of state Hillary Clinton after 5 tries to clarify media reports she compared putin to "Hitler", said she didn't want to do.But she still believes that as a "tough and sensitive" leaders, putin wasted potential of Russia.Hillary Clinton spoke at the university of California, Los Angeles, said she had speech not compared putin to Hitler, but Russia's move now "recall" Nazi Germany in the 1930 s, when 


he nazis said they need to protect the polish and in other parts of the German nation in Europe.Hillary Clinton said, she just hope everyone has a little historical perspective, understand this strategy has been used.Hillary Clinton, said Mr Putin "wasted potential in Russia, the threat of instability, and affected the European peace"., according to media reports, a day after Clinton in long beach, a private fund-raising lunch, today Mr Putin's statement if it sounds familiar, that's because Hitler said in the 1930 s.Mr Putin protect Ukraine's Crimean peninsula all Russian citizens, reminiscent of Hitler's actions to protect German before world war ii.4, local time, Russian President vladimir putin denied that the Russian army is launched a military operation on Ukraine's Crimean region, stressed by force in Ukraine is a "last resort", but Russia's reserve the right to use force to protect its citizens.U.S. President barack Obama acknowledged that Ukraine, Russia has its legitimate interests, but it cannot give Mr Putin's power for military intervention.Taking part in the meeting of the National People's Congress of yunnan provincial party committee secretary Qin Guangrong in kunming "3 · 01" fear attacks the disclosure of foreign media attention.AFP quoted 5 Qin Guangrong said, so far, all groups involved a total of 6 male 2 female were arrested.The eight people they originally wants to join the "holy war", from yunnan after new balance 501 sneaker   go out, in turn, run to the other place, in guangdong, where he is, to return to yunnan, to the red river.Their plan is, in the red river run out in the red river and kunming railway station or bus station launch a "holy war".In addition, have a contact with the eight people have been supervised the relevant personnel are currently.Qin Guangrong also said that the lesson was a anti-terrorism awareness is not strong, the intelligence information work has some problems.Ra

States golf association put together

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States golf association put together the world's top three players, that's a big deal, because at that time, the world's top three, respectively is the world's first tiger - woods, the world's second mickelson, and Adam Scott is new balance 580 for sale  the world's third.Obviously, he is in front of two stars beyond doubt "little brother".But this week is not the same.This week, the pga tour again will be the world's top three in the same group.And the world is still woods, the world's second Adam Scott, the third is the g - SiTengSen Henry.In fact, the pga tour is not the first time in the WGC - Cadillac championship so operation.Two years ago, they will be the time of the world's top three Luke Donald, McRoy, and lee Westwood is arranged in the same group, but didn't have much flutter.The woods there is always the strong interest, especially in the last week because of his waist spasm halfway out of the Honda classic final round.More exciting is that this year have a chance to become the world's Adam Scott theory, premise condition is, of course, he was DORA title."A few times I open in the United States as part of that."Adam Scott said, "that is an interesting group. I would like to occasionally to golf this group very well, for whatever reason, you are always difficult to on Saturday and Sunday will be arranged in the first, second, third world in the same group, certainly do not like tennis so frequently... I want to be a world first, to strive for this grouping is absolutely great."Last time the world's first in DORA changed hands in 2005, when ford woods won the championship, back to the first in the world.He stayed there for three weeks."I don't know the tiger is what feeling, but it is clear that, throughout his career he has been there, quite a long time and feel comfortable."Adam Scott said, "I can assure you that, from I know little about him, he may not be willing to give up the title. So I don't know if we match what it's like to be side by side, but I know that this week's competitors can be more than just the two of us."Beijing time on March 6, 5 (local time), the total 


prize money of $5946740 in the first round of the BNP paribas open in battle.Chinese golden flower peng shuai after round-robin to 4-6/6-0/7-5 reverse returned from injury this year Russia's zvonareva, take the lead in advanced to the second round.But another Chinese player Denver got off, she just resist the 55 minutes in 2-6/1-6 rookie maillard Norwich loss to France.Peng shuai and zvonareva has eight meetings in the past, Chinese golden flower, once encounter the latter seven straight until 2011 Brussels to the girl's first win in Russia.State in the first set after the race had begun was peng shuai although slightly slow, but in the case of 0 to 40 backward save four break points first to protect hair, after a 1-0 lead.In contrast, zvonareva is fairly quickly enter the state, after the victory over serve will level the score.Competition entered the stage of plate after both sides play a more and more close to, 4-3 leading peng shuai in the eighth inning has three hands break points, but too much mistakes let her repeatedly missed opportunities.Escaped zvonareva then take advantage of this opportunity to peng shuai mood ups and downs, breaking the deadlock, the new balance 576 mens  pressure hold after serving plate bureau, she lead 6-4,.Fight peng shuai of dish has gained break in time, and soon made a 3-0 lead.After a rest between bureau zvonareva performance still did not see, China golden flowers and two broken arms, relaxed a plate back to 6-0.Zvonareva 6-2 on retrieving the batter, and first get break in the fifth game, a 3-2 lead.Peng shuai of more then finish back to break, and in an attack, then take the 4-3.Then two people respectively protect hair, when zvonareva 5-6 behind face of it, her attitude obvious fluctuations, trailed by 0 to 40 and soon.Although peng shuai then waste two match points in a row, but she still seize the opportunity for the third time, and with 7-5 win the final victory, advance


d to the second round.Peng shuai in the next round opponent will be Canada bouchard is a beautiful girl genius.Denver and maillard Norwich in 2011 had to meet a challenge, the Chinese girl three win.Today after the performance very close to the start of the race, the first four innings after their hair, 2-0 to form 2-2.Denver in the key of the fifth consecutive one error, the French girls are taking advantage of this opportunity to the offensive, and was the first to complete the break.Resist the emerging of Denver, maillard Norwich on 4-2 pulled away.Demoralize the golden flower then unforced errors is soaring in China, nearly two years in doubles maillard breakthroughs in Norwich conveniently obtained break again.Ace serving plate bureau, after she 6-2 lead.After adjusting for dish of rest between Denver in time set to start first to protect hair, 1-0 lead.But maillard Norwich, feel easily hold equalised after serve.Gradually in the bottom line strength of French rookie wish made a break, then save a break point, after she had established a 3-1 lead.Comprehensive constrained Denver lost rhythm, in serve conceded four goals after was broken again.Protect hair of maillard Norwich, again have to 5-1 lead.At this point in the outcome of the game also lost the suspense, eventually maillard Norwich 6-1 had the last laugh, only 55 minutes throughout the game.The CPPCC national committee, minister of housing and urban-rural development, jiang weixin two sessions this year it's easy.Compared with last year, reporters his passion for the pursuit of low a  new balance 998 running shoes    lot.In the Chinese people's political consultative conference of the communist party of China group discussion site, only four or five reporters in the "intercept" he, "not mention prices this year if you can't catch".This time last year, because the two sessions before had just been introduced and dispute "the five", he was horribly reporters after, he repeatedly raised his arms in the crowd looking at, please let him.Prime minister has just published his government work report, veteran reporter quickly found "bri

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